The Glorious Organization for Accelerated to Literacy a nonprofit, rural development and voluntary organization in India whose mission is to eliminate poverty, unemployment, poor health, illiteracy and build skills in new generation, which are the future of our country. The Glorious Organization for Accelerated have been providing volunteer services to women empowerment & awareness, expansion of education, development science & Technology awareness in common people, and The organization is committed to aware the community and to protect themselves from the social and cyber-crime. The foundation highlighted and honors the achievements of individuals, organization, associations and socials in their field of activities. The rapid growth and development of the Indian economy has increased need for a common platform in order to discuss important key issues. It will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research and other initiatives by the academician, activists and others on the wide range of topics and related fields, with the aim of generating constructive debates for the awareness of the general public. We want to work with governments, communities, and other key wants make partners to extend the reach of health and Educational systems, rural development and improve the quality of services in effective and sustainable ways.